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About us

Here at Attic Cleaning Fremont, we believe that professional services should be as comprehensive as possible, allowing each customer the widest coverage we can provide them with. Meaning, you shouldn't look separately for several service providers that belong to the same field of profession. For example, if you need a professional service for cleaning the attic at both your home and your office, you should be able to get both commercial and residential services by the same service provider and offering both (and more) kinds of services is just one benefit which you get by choosing us.

One Roof for What's Under Your Roof

When you call for our professional services, you can be rest assured you will get the solution you were looking for. If your attic insulation is all worn out, we can remove it and install a new one to ensure the premises is sealed. If the area is contaminated with mold or you suspect it might be, we can treat it or apply efficient prevention treatments. After removing any trace of mold, we can decontaminate the attic, to make sure it is all clean and safe. As mentioned, we offer all those services, for both commercial and residential properties.

The Best Team in Fremont

Another benefit you get from choosing us, is our level of professionalism as well as our wide and extensive experience. Our team consists of nothing but professional technicians, who have both the knowledge and the experience to handle any attic related situation or request, while providing each customer with the best solution available for them. Additionally, our team members share their experience by providing each customer with consultation regarding the best solution available.

Great Prices that Go with Great Services

It is very important for our company to ensure the satisfaction of each and every customer. That is why we offer our great professional services for affordable prices, so everybody can enjoy the best services in Fremont and its vicinity. And that is not the end of our services and benefits you can enjoy.

Call us now and get the best services in the area, while enjoying our special customer service, including:

100% customer satisfaction

The best team in town

Fair prices

Commercial as well residential services


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When you hire our professional cleaners - your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our company provides only safe, pet friendly, and highly professional cleaning services and solutions.

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