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Do you have any attic related questions? Our cleaning experts have been decontaminating crawl spaces and insulating attics for many years now, and there's no problem we are incapable of handling. We can answer all of your questions. Check out our FAQs below.

Are your rodent control solutions safe for my pets and family?

Yes. We trap the rodents and do not use poisons because not only it’s dangerous,they will only kill a small percentage of the rodents. The ones that die usually hide where you cannot reach and wind up causing an unpleasant odorand possibly attract ants and other insects. Our team will set traps near the obvious nesting places and places where rodents are likely to hide, remove it and seal off all problem areas. Give us a call for more information.

What is an attic cleaning?

An attic cleaning entails a professional with special equipment such as a high-powered vacuum clearing out all the dust, debris, and otherwise that has been building up in your attic over the years. Having this done periodically can help to keep your home and family healthier in the long run. It helps improve the air quality and energy efficiency, can help protect against mold or pests, and more! It's a great step towards getting your house in better shape and getting your attic back in order.

Can I install insulation in my attic myself?

While it's possible, particularly with easier to install types of insulation like fiberglass batts, it's still best to let a technician do it for you. It'll be done more quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, correctly. Insulation must be installed carefully to the right parts of the attic, and if there isn't enough installed or it's done incorrectly in some way, it won't be work as it should to help you save energy. It's also dangerous without the proper safety gear.

How can I be affected by mold in my attic?

Some detrimental health effects associated with exposure to airborne mold can include allergic reactions, respiratory or eye irritation and toxicity. However, mold exposure doesn't usually produce adverse health effects. But if you suspect you have become ill from mold exposure, seek advice and treatment from a medical doctor or health care physician. And remember that our experts are trained to clean your attic and get rid of mold properly, so if you notice a problem, give our team a call.


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