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All the useful tips on attic cleaning you can see further down on this page stems from our years of experience. So, if you’re eager to learn some tricks of the trade, keep on reading.

Wear protection when working with or around insulation

Most types of insulation are dangerous to your health in some way, whether it's the slivered glass particles irritating your skin or worse from fiberglass, or the heavy amount of dust from cellulose that can coat your lungs. To avoid health risks, it's best to take precautions even if you're just going to be near insulation. Long sleeves, pants, closed shoes, gloves, and keeping your eyes and face covered with a mask are all ideal for keeping yourself safe while you work.

Rodent proofing can protect your home and health

Your attic doesn't get a lot of attention, so it can easily become a haven to rodents and small furry creatures looking for a nice new home. Rodents love to nest in warm spaces where there's no activity, and they can chew on electrical wiring, shred insulation, and contaminate the space with urine and droppings. We eliminate and seal all rodent entry points and take care of your rodent problem in an effective and safe manner. Contact our team as soon as you think you may have a rodent problem.

Why clean your crawl spaces?

Most people aren't aware that the crawl space is a very important part of their home. Crawl spaces help determine your home's air quality and energy efficiency. Air moves throughout your home, going into and out of your crawl space. When a home has mold, mildew or animal infestations inside their crawl space, it affects the air quality of the rest of your home. Have your crawl space cleaned by our professionals to make sure your home is safe from an unclean crawl space.


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